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Topic: Basic tips for writing a quality research paper

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Basic tips for writing a quality research paper

A research paper is a kind of academic writing that is more like an extended type of essay. It presents the researcher's interpretation, evaluation, analysis, and argument by conducting deep research on the subject. While writing a research paper, a researcher builds on his/her argument by incorporating expert's views and ideas by undertaking a thorough study on the topic being researched. Therefore, it can be said that a research paper is written by the researcher's knowledge while taking into consideration the expert's and theorist's research. It consists of arguments based on the thesis of the research paper supported by reliable and valid sources and evidence.

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         A research paper is an important part of writing that every student has to write during his/her higher studies. Therefore, every student needs to know the basic tips for writing a quality research paper. Although it is commonly assumed by a student that writing a research paper is a bit tricky, with the tips and tricks provided by an essay writer, one can write an impressive and quality research paper. Some of the important steps for writing an impressive research paper include a selection of a suitable topic, doing research on the topic, forming a thesis, formulating an outline, making the first draft of the research paper, reviewing, and writing a final research paper. These steps, if followed properly, can help to write a quality research paper.


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         The very first step involved in the writing of a research paper is the proper selection of the topic. For this purpose, one should question oneself about what one can work on. One should select a topic that they can better handle and find oneself competent enough to have a proper understanding of the topic. One should not select a topic about which he/she is unaware because lack of knowledge hinders the way of researching further. Picking the topic according to one's interest can help to research easily. Also, while picking a topic for a research paper, be specific instead of being general. Choosing a specific topic helps to get to know the domain of the research and can help write a research paper properly. Therefore, the proper selection of the topic is a fundamental step in writing an effective research paper.

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         The second major step involved in writing a research paper is doing research on the selected topic. A researcher must try to locate reliable and valid sources. One can choose books, articles, journals, and other academic sources as research sources. To get books, articles and other sources for research, one can go to the library of the institution or local library. Also, the internet can provide plenty of websites to locate reliable resources for research. One thing must be kept in mind that only scholarly journals and academic writings must be chosen as resources for research, as all non-academic sources are not considered reliable and valid in a research paper.

         The third step involved in the writing of a research paper is the forming of a thesis statement or research questions. This is the most important part of the research paper. A thesis statement is a short statement that explains to the reader what the researcher in the research paper is going to investigate. This is the main argument of the research paper on which the whole research paper is based on. Most students find it difficult to write a thesis statement so, if you are facing the same situation, you may ask for help from aessay writing service to write for you. 

Some research papers involve writing research questions instead of a thesis statement. However, the aim of both research questions and thesis statements remains the same. Both serve as the main argument of the research paper. Also, it is not mandatory to write research questions in the form of interrogation, rather, they can be written in description form. However, one must write a thesis statement or research questions while writing a research paper because no research paper is complete without a thesis statement or research questions.

         The next step after formulating a thesis statement or research question is the making of an outline of the research paper. It is beneficial to formulate an outline before actually dwelling on writing a research paper. The practice of outlining helps to organize the thoughts of a researcher in a much better way. An outline helps to filter out the sources that are best suitable for the research paper and those which are not suitable for the research paper. The outline gives a clear direction and map for writing a research paper. Therefore, one should keep into focus to formulate an outline before actually writing a research paper.

         After formulating an outline, the researcher should write the first draft of the research paper. By following an outline that is already formulated by the researcher, it is easy to write the first draft of the research paper. However, the first draft will need some changes to be made. If you are finding it difficult to write the first draft of your research, you may ask someone, “could you write my essay?” to get a better first draft. After explaining things in the first draft, a researcher may find to add or redact certain things from the research paper. So, writing the first draft before writing the final one is always encouraged for writing a quality research paper.

         After writing the first draft, the researcher can check and edit the document. As it involves grammatical errors, content editing, plagiarism checking. Proofreading and editing make researchers correct errors and mistakes. So researchers must proofread and edit the first written draft of the research paper before actual submission.

         The last stage after reviewing and revising is writing a final research paper. After thorough editing and proofreading of the first draft, a researcher can write the final draft as the final research paper that will be free of any type of errors. The final draft will be ready to be submitted as the research paper.

To conclude, writing a research paper involves a series of certain steps that, if followed, one can write a quality research paper. 


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