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Topic: Introduction of inclination sensors

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Introduction of inclination sensors

Angle measurement is an important part of geometric quantity measurement. Angle measurement of a wide range, plane angle according to the plane where the space position can be divided into: horizontal angle in the horizontal plane (or azimuthal angle), vertical angle in the vertical plane (or tilt angle), space angle is the synthesis of horizontal and vertical angle; according to the range can be divided into circumferential index angle and small angle; according to the nominal value can be divided into fixed angle and arbitrary angle; according to the composition of the unit can be divided into line angle and surface angle; according to the formation of the way can be divided into fixed angle and dynamic angle, fixed angle refers to the processing or assembly into the angle of the component parts, the instrument rotation to restore to the static angle position, etc; dynamic angle refers to the angle of the object or system in the process of movement, such as the satellite orbit to the Earth's equatorial plane angle, precision equipment spindle rotation axis angle drift, angle measurement equipment in a certain angular velocity and angular acceleration movement, the output of real-time angle signal, etc.

Inclinometer sensor is also called as tilt meter, inclinometer, level meter, inclinometer, often used in the system of horizontal angle change measurement, level meter from the past simple blister level meter to the electronic level meter is the result of automation and electronic measurement technology development. As a kind of inspection tool, it has become an indispensable and important measuring tool in the fields of bridge erection, railroad laying, civil engineering, oil drilling, aviation and navigation, industrial automation, intelligent platform, machining and so on. Electronic level is a very accurate inspection tool for measuring small angles, with which the inclination of the measured plane relative to the horizontal position, the mutual parallelism of two parts and the perpendicularity can be measured.

Inclination sensors are used in various applications for measuring angles. For example, high-precision laser instrument leveling, engineering machinery and equipment leveling, long-distance distance measuring instrument, high-altitude platform safety protection, pitch angle measurement of directional satellite communication antenna, ship navigation attitude measurement, shield top tube application, dam inspection, geological equipment tilt monitoring, artillery barrel initial firing angle measurement, radar vehicle platform detection, satellite communication vehicle attitude detection, etc.

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