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Topic: Surviving exams: 5 Carlson-style tips

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Surviving exams: 5 Carlson-style tips


Do not panic

"Calm, only calm" - the first and main advice of Carlson, which seems to be remembered by everyone. This is exactly what you need in this difficult period. Often, even after repeated repetition of the passed, graduates can say only one phrase: "I don't know anything." Fortunately, in the framework of the Exam, you do not need to know everything - the school curriculum is enough. For the past 11 years, you have been deciding, writing, proving, teaching, empirically checking, reading, guessing every day. Therefore, if you suddenly panic, take three simple steps: drink a glass of water, take a few slow breaths in and out and say to yourself: "Stop!"

How it works?  Concentrated breathing will calm you down and help you get back to work. And the word "stop" (especially spoken aloud) will sound like a command, and your composure will return to you.

Learn to concentrate

"No need for words - the buns burn," - said the character Astrid Lindgren. Therefore, on the exam, you need to get together and focus on the assignments, discarding worries and thoughts about the results. Read the condition carefully, paying attention to how many correct answers there can be - one or more. What to choose: the correct statement or the one that is not true?

To meet the allotted time, go through all the tasks, immediately answering those in which you are absolutely sure. Don't dwell on more complex ones. Then count the number of tasks remaining and estimate the maximum time that can be given to each. Keep solving. Do not meet the time allotted for the question - go to the next one. This approach will help to cope with the maximum number of tasks. To practice this you need to try to write a lot of essays. With help with essay to help you write, you can concentrate on your work. You will be in good shape during the exam.

Develop a plan B and C and D

What happens if there are not enough points for admission to the desired university? What if you don't give up at all? Such things, unfortunately, happen, and even excellent students are not immune from them. So what should you do? "Do not Cry! It’s a matter of everyday life, ”said Carlson. And he was right. Therefore, consider your options in advance: see which less prestigious universities offer training programs in your specialty. Pay attention not only to the organization of the educational process, but also to the conditions in the hostel, sports and cultural life.

Going to college can also be a good intermediate stage between school and university. And you can even arrange a gap year for yourself in case of failure and go to work to make sure that the direction is chosen correctly. In addition, the Exam can be retaken, which improves results. If you want to improve your results then you need help. Especially when it comes to writing written works. With the help of Essay Assistant, you can write quality work. Thus, for retake, you will already know what you will write about.

Organize your day

My head is spinning on exam preparation days. So much you need to repeat, write down, remember. In such a situation, the good old routine of the day will help keep everything under control and reduce the degree of nervousness. During intense mental work, it is important to eat right and get enough rest. Remember the words of the hero Lindgren: “Let's land! I'm getting weak! " Try to take a nap break - at least half an hour. Be sure to have breakfast and always have healthy snacks on hand - an apple and a carrot or a muesli bar, for example. Avoid overusing coffee, cola and energy drinks - studies have shown that they increase anxiety.

Think about what you will do after the exam

Imagine that the day has come when the exams are over. The documents have been submitted to universities, and then the waiting period for the publication of the lists of enrolled will begin. What did that character say? "Our dear Carlson is now with a normal temperature, and he is supposed to be naughty." After the exam, you can rightfully do interesting and enjoyable things. After all, this is the only summer when you are no longer a schoolboy and not yet a student. Traveling is a great way to relax before starting your university studies. You can combine them with a "test drive" of adult life and take part in volunteer programs.

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This might sound crazy (I am CrazyFrog though), but I believe that students should spend less time studying and more time sleeping. Sounds controversial? Yeah. Does it work? Also yes. No exam is easy for a man who sleeps 4 hours a day.

Here's a good read on the topic: How Listening to the Body’s Clock Can Help Students Learn Faster & Be More Productive

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True confidence in an exam comes from thorough preparation and understanding of the subject matter. When you rely on exam dumps, you're essentially memorizing answers without fully grasping the underlying concepts. This can be detrimental not only to your performance in the exam but also to your overall learning experience.

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