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Unfortunately, there is no way to determine who specifically prohibited you from viewing someone's Instagram story because doing so would be a privacy violation. The rest of their followers can access their tale, but once they've concealed it from you, there's no way to find it.


There is no way to definitively determine if your buddy has prevented you from viewing their tale. However, just because someone no longer posts tales doesn't indicate that they have prevented you from reading their story. If they stop posting stories, it might make you suspicious since you could assume they have blocked you from watching them.


The best approach to determine if someone has concealed their tale from you, nevertheless, is to inquire of a follower, "What stories have they posted?" Then, you can determine if they withheld their tale from you from here.


Can You See Someone's Highlights on Instagram If They Hide Their Story?


On Instagram, you may still see the highlights even if someone conceals their story from you. You cannot prevent others from viewing your highlights on Instagram because they are a regular feature that users post for everyone to see. Since Instagram doesn't let you stop people from seeing highlights, if someone blocked you from their story and then placed that story on their highlights 24 hours later, you'll be able to watch the highlights.


How to Tell If Someone on Instagram Has Blocked You from Seeing Their Story


You can determine if someone has prevented you from seeing their story in a few different ways. There are ways around this that you may utilize to learn more, but you won't be able to learn more directly through your own Instagram account. Because they won't be blocked from reading articles, the only way to learn is through other arrangements.


1. Request a friend's story through email


You need to ask a buddy to provide you with the suspect's Instagram story as your first step. For example, you might ask a friend who you believe wasn't blocked if you think that you could have been one of the few people who were barred. If their account is private, this buddy would have to be following the individual.


You may request someone to email you their tale if their account is available. However, you must confirm that you can view their adventure when you receive it via DM. You will be warned that the story is unavailable if you have been blocked. This indicates that the individual has kept their tale from you.


2. Create an instant fake account


The next option is to set up a phony account.


By creating a phony account, you may utilize it to act differently than you would normally. For example, if the person's account is open when you're finished creating the false one, you can click on the person's story to read it.


Article from : How to Spot a Fake Instagram Account


If the story was hidden from you on your primary Instagram account, they have barred you from reading their story.


Here are some suggestions for making your account appear authentic if theirs is private so you have a better chance of being accepted.


Add up to five images.


Obtain a few followers or purchase one hundred


Put a lock on your account.


Make your profile photo appealing.


Once you've done that, you can send them a follow request and cross your fingers that they'll accept it. Once approved, you should read their tale to determine whether you can understand it.


If you can, you have been blocked.


3. Request a friend to show you


You may easily ask a buddy who follows this individual for their phone if you're with them so you can check out their account. Unfortunately, when you visit their account and discover a story that is hidden from view on your primary account, you have been banned.


4. Have They Not Posted Recently?


Checking their posting frequency is another technique to determine if they have stopped you from reading their story. For example, you could suspect that they have kept their narrative from you if they used to publish frequently—say, let's daily—and then abruptly stopped.


Although they could have just ceased blogging, if they have been doing so consistently and frequently for several months and then suddenly stopped for a few weeks, it is reasonable to assume that they have been keeping something from you.


5. Inquire Whether They Did


Asking them directly is the simplest approach to finding out whether someone has prevented you from viewing their story. For example, simply asking, "did you block me from seeing your article" would suffice. But, naturally, if they're not honest, they might not give you the truth, and you'll need to use other techniques to check whether they did prevent you from seeing something.


However, they would admit that they prevented you from perceiving it if they were sincere. For example, perhaps they intended to post something for a certain group of people to view, or maybe they didn't want you to see anything that might offend you.


6. Use an outside tool


Regarding issues like these, third-party tools may be a lifesaver, and they can truly assist you in determining whether someone has attempted to prevent you from learning their tale. If so, you'll need to keep track of the person's username so you can type it into the story viewer tool's search field.


You can watch people's Instagram stories without creating an account or letting them know you did so by using a story viewer program. Unfortunately, their account can't be set to private for this to operate. For you to be able to access it, it must be open to the public and include a recent news item. You can accomplish this by just pasting their username into the search field, displaying all of the tales they've submitted in the current 24 hours.


From here, you can tell whether someone has banned you if you can see their stories here but not on their profile when you open the Instagram app. This is because the story viewer tool does not require an account. Thus it may access people's tales without their knowledge. The benefit of this is that since public account stories cannot be banned, you can always utilize them to check them.


What Happens If Someone Hides Their Instagram Story From You


You'll notice a few things on Instagram when someone conceals their story from you. Instagram constantly provides hints, so it's difficult to miss anything after it's happened. When someone has covered you, you may notice odd things, but if you look further, it's very simple to discover that they have also barred you from viewing it. It's simple enough for everyone to understand.


You Can't View Any of Their Stories


One thing you'll immediately notice if someone has blocked you is that they don't appear to be posting any tales at all. In addition, you will be aware that anything could be wrong if someone suddenly stops posting after making many posts.


It's not always true that someone has barred you from reading their story as soon as they stop being active. However, if you see someone writing frequently and then abruptly cease one day, it should prompt you to look into the matter more. This becomes more obvious if the person in question is someone you get along with well and you realize that they haven't posted anything in a while.


You won't be able to access the story until someone sends it to you


You'll often have an Instagram group chat if you have a close group of pals. In a group chat, messages are frequently sent mostly about shared friends. So you could find that you can't see the story if you detect that someone has submitted anything into the group chat about someone you know about.


You will know that you have been barred from viewing their tales if you cannot view the story they provided you. You'll notice something significant when someone withholds their stories from you.


How to View Instagram's Hidden Stories


If someone has concealed their story from you, there is no way for you to access it through the account that they banned. If there were a method to see a narrative that someone had deliberately kept you from seeing, it would be a serious invasion of privacy. In addition, it isn't easy to read their history using that account again once they have hidden you from it.


1. Request that they cease hiding you


The simplest way to start viewing someone's tales again would be to request that they cease concealing you. One of two things will happen if you urge them to stop excluding you from their narrative.


They will either deny hiding you or admit to hiding you, but they will take you off the list of persons they have forbidden from seeing their tale. Occasionally, if they believe you are unaware of it, they will admit to blocking you before unblocking you.


2. Request a demonstration from a friend


Asking a buddy to take a screenshot or record their Instagram feed is another simple way to see stories after being hidden.


They can't just email you the article since you're blocked; otherwise, you wouldn't be able to read it. However, you may request their tale without having to provide it.


3. Access Your Account


You can use this to quickly see what is on someone else's story if you have a private account and their account is public. You may act on Instagram with a personal statement without anybody knowing who you are. Additionally, they could have only considered blocking you from viewing their story on your primary account, but there's a good chance it isn't blocked on their burner or secret account.


If you prevent someone from seeing your story, may they still find out?


No way can anyone discover that you have prevented them from seeing their narrative. They can, however, use certain techniques to discover that you have excluded them from your story, such as asking a friend who follows you to give it to them or show it to them.


They'll know you've prevented them from seeing something if they can see that you submitted a story using their friend's account, but they can't see it from their account. Likewise, they will know you have blocked them from seeing your tales if their buddy who follows you sends them one which reads "Story Unavailable."


After posting, if you want to hide someone from your Instagram story


They can still view your earlier tales if you want to hide someone from your Instagram story after you've posted. After you block them, they won't be able to view any accounts that are uploaded. Before uploading your stories, ban anyone you don't want to consider them. Any reports that have previously been uploaded will still be accessible to them.


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