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Topic: How much does a 5 KW solar System cost in India

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How much does a 5 KW solar System cost in India

A 5kW solar system is the most common medium-capacity solar system, and its popularity is growing every day. It is a perfect solution for 2BHK, 3BHK, and other medium-sized houses because to its popular acceptability, and it is simple to set up as illustrated in the Step-by-Step Guide. The cost of a 5kw solar panel cost in India varies depending on the system type.


The 5kw solar system cost in India will be provided after describing the Step-by-Step Guide to Solar Panel Installation Kanpur Solar Company. There are 2 types of 5kW solar systems available. The first solar system is connected to the grid, the second is off-grid. The kind and brand of solar system impact the cost of a 5kW solar system. The sorts of solar systems will be the topic of this blog.


Types of Solar Power Systems:


5kW Off grid solar system


A battery-powered, self-contained solar system that does not require the usage of a utility grid is known as an off-grid solar system. Solar panels, a battery, and a solar inverter are all included in this setup. In India, a 5kW solar inverter costs extremely little. This solar system stands out because it contains a power backup. In India, the price of a 5kW solar system with a subsidy varies by brand.


A solar panel, like any other, receives sunlight and converts it to electricity in an off-grid solar system. Solar will power the connected load during the day, with the leftover energy being stored in the solar battery. The appliances use the battery to keep working when there is no sunlight at night.




A solid long-term investment is an off-grid setup. It is trustworthy, efficient, and ecologically friendly, and the components decide the cost of a 5kw solar panel in India. It can supply your home with adequate electricity without triggering a power outage. Because the price of a 5kw solar system in India with subsidies is cheap, this will be cost-effective.




An off-grid solar system with batteries for a residence costs between Rs. 41,442 for a 1kW system and 10kW system costs Rs. 7 lakh, including installation, with the 5kw solar inverter pricing in India accounting for a significant portion of the cost. These are complete solar systems with solar panels, inverters, batteries, buildings, and all other essential components.


5kW (On-Grid)


An on-grid solar system, also named as a grid-tied or connected solar system, is one that is connected to the electrical grid. In comparison to off-grid and hybrid solar systems, this is the most cost-effective sort of solar system in terms of power savings or bill reduction. This solar system's solar inverter converts the DC power provided by the solar panels into AC power.




Government subsidies of up to 70% are available for solar panels put on the grid. It runs entirely on solar energy generated by solar panels and exports any surplus to the grid. The 5kw solar inverter price in India is low, making it cost-effective.




Purchasing a solar system is a prudent and cost-effective investment that pays for itself over time by harnessing the most abundant and free kind of energy accessible.You will notice a significant reduction in your power expenses after installing a 5kw solar system in your house.


An on-grid solar power system with installation costs in India ranging from A 1 kW system costs Rs.66,999, while a 10 kW system costs Rs.4,37,480. Transportation, installation, net metering, and all other costs are included in the price of a solar system.

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