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Topic: Solar Panel Price in Lucknow

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Solar Panel Price in Lucknow

The basic four components of solar energy or solar power system are as follows. These solar components also aid in the production of electricity from the sun (sun energy/sun rays).


  • Panels of Solar


  • Inverter for solar power


  • Battery-powered by the sun


  • Panel Stand, as well as


  • Accessory for Solar Panel Installation


Solar panel owners in their location can choose between two types of solar panels to install. The type of solar panels you select and install is determined by your demands and geography.


I) Battery-powered solar panel (Off Grid Solar System)


ii) A solar panel that does not have a battery (On Grid Solar System)


Due to the added solar battery, off-grid solar panel installation in Uttar Pradesh might cost up to 30% more than solar panel installation without battery, i.e. On-Grid installation, which costs between Rs. 15000 and Rs. 30000. (prices vary brand to brand)


 Installing solar panels, Solar Panel Price in Lucknow on the other hand is linked to solar compounds and other assets required for solar installation before and after.


The government of Uttar Pradesh, through the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), encourages the installation of PV systems in various cities by providing consumers with a subsidy of up to 30%. Only residential, institutional, and social buildings are eligible for the initiative.


However, it is vital to note that subsidies are accessible only after solar panel installation is completed, which means that the solar owner must pay the unknown cost first before claiming a solar subsidy from the government or department.


According to the present market penetration, the majority of solar companies in Allahabad charge based on the number of watts installed. That is to say, the overall cost of solar panel installation is determined by the capacity of the solar panels, i.e. how many kW?


The cost per watt ranges from Rs. 7 to Rs. 15, depending on the source. As a result, the cost of solar panel installation in Uttar Pradesh will be as follows:


Wrapping Up

Solar panels are the future of every home, and the initiative offered to solar owners has shown to be a great success with positive economic outcomes. As a result, these are some figures you can work out in your head to estimate the cost of solar panels in Lucknow. Remember to have a solar panel installed by a reputable and professional solar company. Om Solar Solutions, Lucknow Solar Company can assist you with the installation of your Solar Energy System from start to finish. If you want to install a solar panel, get an experienced installation to ensure that it lasts a long time.

Om Solar Solutions
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