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Topic: Some serious occasions use jammers to block the signal

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Some serious occasions use jammers to block the signal

If you want to destroy a child, give him a smartphone.This was no longer a threat.The child’s grades dropped so much that the father or teacher confiscated the phone or threw it downstairs in anger. As a result, the child jumped to his death with his mobile phone. This happened in more than one or two cases, which were reported by the media signal blocker.And “manwei life” want to say, children addicted to mobile phones, the most helpless pain is the parents. When this happens, not only the children, but even the whole family loses their future, but also the parents leave a big question mark over the meaning of having children.

Getting familiar with some families, parents have tried everything to prevent their children from using their mobile phones, but if their children are already addicted to the Internet, it may be in vain. Small K is a typical example. His mother ms ding and I work together. Small K since the wifi jammer addiction to smartphones, mom and dad did not run to school, worrying things are pile by pile. In class, small k always play mobile phone, the class teacher so public collection. Later, angry extremely teacher simply from the fourth floor will be small K’s phone down, the fuselage shattered on the ground.

Whenever such a thing happens, without the company of mobile phone, little K confronts with his parents and teachers and refuses to go to school. Until the teacher asked his parents to return the phone, or his mother bought him a new phone.One to the middle of the night there is no network, small K suspicious, rummaging around the house, but so far has not found the parents use of countermeasures.Small K seems to calculate correctly because he was afraid of going to extremes, teachers and parents finally have to give way, so more and more willful.Finally, Ms. Ding said, they had no choice but to buy a cell phone jammer online, secretly install it at home and turn it on at 11 p.m.


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