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Topic: Jammers are not suitable for installation in downtown areas

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Jammers are not suitable for installation in downtown areas

Mobile phones have changed the way of communication and changed people's lifestyles. Children use mobile phones to play games, indulge in the Internet, and ignore the importance of learning. Students use mobile phones in the classroom, the teacher is interrupted in the class schedule, thinking about cohesion, which is not good for future students. Students are irresponsible when using mobile phones, parents are irresponsible, and irresponsible for the future. Therefore, some teachers suggest to be in the classroom install cell phone jammer inside.

The U.S. military now wants to install gps jammer for drones to dominate electronic warfare in the future, and is moving towards a poorly understood and poorly regulated contractual approach to acquire them. Lithgow's jamming device uses dozens of antennas installed inside the center to send very low-power signals, preventing cell phones in the prison from connecting to cell towers and The internet. The powerful role of gps jammer electronic warfare in American war strategy is defined in six words: "Put them on the wire." Jammers neutralize radio bombs, forcing rebels to use more basic triggers, such as command lines. In theory, these triggers will be easier to detect and push the trigger closer to the bomb, and the US military can capture or kill them.

Because the phone signal blocker will stop the function of the smart phone, so that people can put down the phone and return to normal real life, without indulging in the virtual network world. Smartphones have changed the world, and signal jammers have stopped them. When your lifestyle returns to normal, you should consider choosing a wifi jammer from this category to stop your phone from working. However, in densely populated areas such as schools, the establishment of radio stations with excessive electromagnetic radiation and the use of mobile phone signal shielding covers are prohibited.



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