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Topic: Why study history? Answers from real teachers

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Why study history? Answers from real teachers

The prerequisite of the curriculum contrasts with the response of the four professors. The question was asked to all teachers of the subject of history, and only the following answers.


1. Irina: “I think it has to do with learning, regardless of the professional or work environment in which the student will develop later, history gives him the skills to act as a critical and empathetic person. In addition to the enormous contribution that historical knowledge makes to students in understanding their context, I believe that it gives them the tools to act in a complex society, to behave with respect and tolerance, to understand that societies are not static, and in this sense it is possible to accept as people we can make changes.


2. Cuautemoc Dominguez Nava : Dear Mtra Monica sent you five short comments. I hope they will serve you in your business, receive a heartfelt regards. It is important that young people, students study history for several reasons:

        1. So that they know that they are not the first to come into this world.

        2. Because they are part of a national and global society.  

        3. Because they need to know how societies faced different problems and how they dealt with them.

        4. Because history is a wonderful science that entertains, educates and provides values ​​for life.      

        5. Because a world without history is a world doomed to suffer, fail, repeat many mistakes.


3. Fabiola Villegas : It is important to study history at all levels. If in some professions he is no longer taught, then do it personally. Because of the need to preserve memory, because without it we are vulnerable to repeating mistakes, we are left without an understanding of the human future in time and space. Particularly in high school, because for some students this will be the last time, and also because history shapes, informs, locates and confirms us, not only as Americans , but also as citizens of the world. It is very important to prepare the past in order to understand who we were, who we are, and to predict how we will be on an individual and social level. This is only a small part of what knowledge of history helps us in.


4. Pablo Ruiz : Dear Monique! Studying history in high school is so important because while we shouldn't pretend to train future historians, we should teach them to understand the world historically, because that's the only way they can. serves to avoid repeating past mistakes "or" history is created by heroes and villains. " Hi.


On the other hand, 600 students were asked the same question:


why is it so important to study history?


It should be noted that for admission to the campus applicants must pass one exam, and as floor and campus are th tsya one of the most sought for admission, those who are gaining the highest number of successes in the on they enter the exam. It may be that they have a mean average score of study in high school and studied hard either, or indeed were in high school and is relatively easy to take the exam. It is important to understand that if you are not able to prepare well for the history exam, then you can use the help of the essay assistant .


Going through 660 answers, I came to the following:


those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. This is what students have almost as a well-established definition, perhaps in middle school or elementary school, others add:


This helps to analyze events that happened before. Studying it helps you understand the ways of thinking, their government, their way of life, the things we previously focused on.


This allows us to learn about our past, about our origins and how we developed, not only about ourselves, but also about customs, tools and ways of thinking. It fuels our desire to learn and know; we find out the origin, the relationship.


To be able to identify ourselves, to appreciate what we now have and what we are, because when someone knows what it was, a job that cost him to get there, they care about her and protect her so much. how much they want, not to live out of ignorance and have their own criteria. Many students are faced with the problems of studying history, but this does not mean that it is necessary to stop there. History must be taught in any case, even if with the help of professionals


It is important to know the story because in this way we can learn more about the people we live with and find out why they treat different situations differently.


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