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Topic: The water bear “Tardigrade” is tough, surviving even in bullets fired by high-velocity guns.

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The water bear “Tardigrade” is tough, surviving even in bullets fired by high-velocity guns.

A recent bizarre bioastronomicเกมสล็อตexperiment by British researchers found that water bears, or "tardigrades," are known to be one of the world's toughest and toughest creatures. Can survive a massive 1.14 gigapascal impact after being loaded into a projectile that hits a target at a maximum speed of 900 meters per second.
This test of shooting water bear bullets with high-speed guns. aiming to find answers to the possibilities of Will living beings be able to reproduce in the universe by attaching to meteorites that hit planets or not, as well as proving the hypothesis about water bears in Israel's Beresheet spacecraft? People believe that they are still alive on the moon. After the craft had an accident two years ago.
A team of researchers from the University of Kent and the University of London in the United Kingdom. The results of the experiment were published in the latest issue of the journal Astrobiology, saying that a number of water bears were frozen. to put it in hibernation Each water bear is then packed into a nylon bag before inserting it into a type of cannonball.
A light gas gun, commonly used in physics experiments, was used. Fire a bullet loaded with a water bear at high speed at a sand target several meters away. By experimenting with increasing fire speeds, the results showed that they were able to survive the impact to a maximum speed of nearly 900 meters per second, or about 3,000 kilometers per hour. Although some parts of the body were damaged.

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