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Topic: Can a jammer mute the phone?

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Can a jammer mute the phone?

There will be no signal from the nearby phone when the jammer is used

Nowadays, with the popularization of mobile phones, signal jammer is no longer a new thing.People want to meet the needs of different groups of people and choose different types of mobile phone jammers in the market. According to different applications, signal jammers are divided into the automotive industry, office use, and personal use (such as schools and prisons) using signal jammers. They are primarily used in the design of cell phone jammers and may be cars for their unique application. It's easy for car drivers to worry about other things, such as phone calls and loud music. Dangerous to real drivers and passengers. Also, their privacy must be protected, as some people may want to track your location or mobile location. Therefore, the driver may need to use a vehicle cell phone jammer to ensure its life and safety. 

When we usually need to read books, listen to music, watch TV, etc. and need a quiet environment, teachers will use wifi jammer in schools, libraries, and many other places and conditions. This is the best way to prevent telephone signals. In some special conditions, it is necessary to keep the environment quiet, mobile phones are prohibited, etc. This is why more and more new advanced signal interference equipment designs have been invented with this function. When people use high-power wifi jammer, of course, they have to consider many factors such as price, quality, and then compare and get the best signal interference devices on our website. This is the design of many new advanced interference devices that can be found here. 

Many people think they need to buy signal jammer to protect them, simply because they need to stop those who keep calling and being rude. The location of the jammer is undisturbed, no matter where they are; sitting on the bus listening to someone, and talking on the phone, the voice is annoying. This is the most common reason and we are considering buying interference equipment. One more thing, you need to pay attention! How to choose a signal jammer.Generally, logically, the stronger your network is, the more difficult it is to block signals. Outdoors, it's not even worth trying unless you stick it to a phone you want to disrupt.



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