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Topic: Can jammers really protect people's privacy?

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Can jammers really protect people's privacy?

A jamming device that prevents hackers from getting in

The Russian army again interfered with GPS in northern Norway last month. This effect is particularly felt in the aviation and telecommunications industries."Conventional military exercises" remain Russia's official response. However, simulated gps jammer exercises are equally effective. Laboratory tests, field exercises in Russia, and field operations in Ukraine and Syria ensure that the Russian military knows exactly how its gps jammer works. They do not need to disrupt and endanger Norwegian air traffic and life to ensure the availability of the army.

In today's highly developed communication tools, there are many signal propagation tools, and signal jammers are the best tools to prevent signal transmission. Mr. Wang explained that although they strictly adhere to the company's regulations, in some cases they cannot control or prevent, for example, prohibiting the bringing of mobile phones into the conference room. The 5g jammer is the best device to handle this situation. In addition to this method, tourists are also smuggled into prisons by hiding their phones in private parts of their bodies if prisoners and prison officials conspire to bring their phones in exchange for money. 


Blocking the GPS receiver may directly affect the helicopter's ability to accurately attack the target. The AC-130W Stinger II is a type we know to fly over Syria and Iraq and relies heavily on precision-guided munitions, including GPS guidance, such as the small-diameter GBU-39 bomb / B. Common drone gun jammers on the market, is A fully integrated rifle countermeasure that works with multiple drone models. Although it looks like the cruelest weapon you have ever seen, it is actually a high-powered drone jammer capable of destroying multiple frequency bands simultaneously.

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