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Topic: Five recommendations for the Master's thesis in management sciences

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Five recommendations for the Master's thesis in management sciences

Writing a dissertation is the last step in your training. It is through him that the jury will assess your skills and your achievements throughout your university training. Thus, the thesis must reflect your ability to solve a problem in management science, by adopting relevant scientific approaches. It must show, among other things, your ability to present in your writings, the results of your investigations and the contributions of these both for the academic and professional sphere. The thesis shows, in a more eloquent way than a CV, your capacities. Here are five recommendations from paper writing service to help you write your master's thesis in management science.

1. Help the reader to understand the subject.

Understanding the topic is an essential part of the reading experience. The writing must be fluid and the subject must be well framed. Framing the study amounts to showing the state of the art on the question, the research already carried out and the contribution of your own study compared to what was already studied. Thus, from the introduction, the reader must already know the problematic, the objectives of the study and its interests. In general, you provide more information about the main topics of study, including theories and concepts related to your analysis.

2. Use a good method to collect the data

Management science deploys quantitative methods such as surveys, and / or qualitative methods such as semi-structured interviews. The choice of a method depends on the objectives of the study and the means at your disposal. But in all cases, it is essential to defend your choice by mentioning its advantages, and by demonstrating its relevance. A my paper writer must also clearly specify in your writings the process of data collection: choice of samples, number of people surveyed, selection criteria, etc.

3. Present your results well

Then present the results in the form of tables or figures in the case of a quantitative method, or verbatims in the case of a qualitative method. Tables, curves, histograms or cheeses are much more readable compared to long texts. In addition, they air the text. Be sure to choose the right way to present your results. Thus, a table provides more details for the figures and allows a comparison. A cheese makes it possible to appreciate the proportion of an element in relation to a whole. The curves are particularly used to follow the evolution of a factor such as return on investment, absenteeism rate, production, etc.

4. Read more to refine the discussion

After presenting the results, you need to discuss them. The discussion consists of explaining the results obtained. The discussion also supposes a confrontation of ideas. Thus, you compare your results with those obtained by other researchers who have also launched research on the same field or on themes similar to yours. To achieve this, read the communications of other managers in specialized management journals, books, etc. It is then up to you to explain the possible discrepancies between the expected results and those which are actually obtained.

5. Be simple, precise and logical

From an editorial standpoint, always remember to keep it simple. Do not use overly long sentences that could lead to confusion. Don't use complex words that might be misunderstood. Express yourself in simple words that are precise at the same time if you need help writing an essay, go for it. Moreover, the management science thesis does not require a very ambiguous writing style. You just have to be specific. Also remember to expose the thread of your ideas according to a logic. Ideas need to be well articulated for your readers to follow you.
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