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Topic: Oral presentation of marketing plan

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Oral presentation of marketing plan

I often have to defend my marketing plan, support the speech of another, or, conversely, refute the provisions put forward, etc. And how important it is to know what my speech should be, what are the features of a speech of a debatable nature.

An oral presentation during marketing plan assistance is a reasoning of a problematic nature, in which some problem is posed, some complex and important question. The author of this reasoning seeks to solve this problem, to find an answer, which will become the main thesis of the reasoning. Since many problems do not imply unambiguous solutions, discussions on problematic topics are controversial.

The participants in the discussion should be able to distinguish what is common in the views of the debaters, and what is different. First of all, it is necessary to point out what everyone agrees with, and then point by point and, if possible, accurately formulate those provisions that cause disagreement. It should be remembered that before criticizing an opponent, one must understand him correctly, that is, "define the terms." The criterion for understanding is the correct statement of someone else's opinion. It is important that the speakers express their point of view, what they think on a particular issue, and not what they want to hear from them.


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