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Topic: 5 Things To Do Immediately About CHIKANKARI SAREES ::

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5 Things To Do Immediately About CHIKANKARI SAREES ::

A woman can never go wrong with sarees. No matter how she is, young or old, thin or fat, fair or dark, sarees look splendid on each one of them. Women in India wear sarees from ancient times and this trend is continued till today.

Nowadays, ladies wear sarees in various styles to look stylish yet Indian. You can find endless types of sarees in the market today and one of them is the Chikankari sarees. Chikan means embroidery and the Chikankari sarees are adorned with intricate and beautiful thread embroidery. If you want to update your wardrobe with this beautiful piece of attire, georgette chikankari saree from our site.

Chikankari is a traditional style of embroidery from the Indian city of Lucknow. Further, it is one of the popular and best textile decoration styles. The main market for local chikan work is located in Chowk, Lucknow. The work of creating the chikan work on fabric is called Chikankari.

But, there are many stories about the origin of the chikan embroidery work in India, the most popular one is about Noor Jahan. This Mughal empress and wife of Emperor Jahangir introduced the Chikankari technique to India. Lucknow is the main place for the Chikankari industry, and you can buy this Lakhnavi saree online from our site. We have listed the Chikankari saree price on the site too.

Earlier this Chikankari was done only on white fabric with white threads. It is a delicate form of embroidery that comprises many stitching patterns. These patterns are hemstitch, chain stitch, back stitch, etc. The shadow stitch pattern is one of the most famous of all these patterns. Generally, in a shadow stitching type, work is done on the reverse side of the cloth so that it can be visible on the right side of the fabric.

Today the chikan art form has seen many advancements and westernization. Not only cotton, but the chikan-work embroidery is also made with silk and colored threads. It keeps the Chikankari to the point and meets the latest fashion trends too. Chikan work also accompanies and has adapted embellishments. They include Kamdani, Mukaish, sequin, Badla, mirror and beadwork, which gives these sarees a royal look. You will also see chikan work saree of different patterns on our site.

Chikan work is generally done on lighter fabrics to highlight the embroidery. Cotton, pure Georgette, semi-Georgette, chiffon, silk, crepe, etc., are some of the lightweight fabrics used. Harder fabric makes embroidery difficult as the needle may not pierce through the cloth.

The base fabric is printed with the designs / patterns and then the embroiderer sews the pattern. Once the embroiderer completes the process of embroidery, the fabric is washed to separate the printed design. Following steps are included in the making of Chikankari:

  • Designing
  • Engraving
  • Block printing
  • Embroidery work
  • Washing and finishing

Chikankari work saree is the best wear and a popular choice among Indian women. This must-have piece of clothing, these sarees carry our ancient tradition and culture from Lucknow. The Lucknowi Chikankari saree is most preferred by the woman during the hot climatic conditions in India.

These sarees are made with light-weight materials dyed in beautiful light pastel colors. They are comfortable for daily wear too.

The Lakhnavi Chikankari saree has got international fame because of its detailed embroidery. Chikankari sarees are given first preference by most of the women. They like to wear something graceful and elegant for occasions. What is the wait for, buy Chikankari saree today.


The delicate and impressive work done a white thread on the white cloth will look very appealing. The hand embroidery done on the fabric is the true reflection of the rich heritage of the Lucknow city. This traditional art and style of embroidering white on white is loved by most of the women in our country.

This white Lakhnavi saree is a perfect choice for day parties. It will definitely make you look like an angel brought down from heaven. The chikankari white saree neutralizes the harsh sun rays. Thus, they give you comfortable and cool wear. You can choose from fabrics such as cotton, silk, georgette, chiffon, etc., with the Chikankari embroidery. Do the Chikankari sarees online shopping from our site.

The white georgette Chikankari saree is phenomenal too. It is popular among the Indian ladies. What is the wait for, choose your favorite design and do white Chikankari saree online shopping only with us.


Georgette is a sheer, dull finished and feathery crepe fabric. It is made from silk with twisted yarns. The chikankari designing done on the georgette or semi-georgette fabric is the most loved attire among women. You will get these sarees in eye-soothing colors and patterns. But, this will definitely give you a subtle yet charming look.

The material of this saree is quite flattering and hugs your figure well accentuating the curves. The saree with cool, mono-colored fabric and chikan work with white threads is unique. Embroidery is focused on the pallu and borders are unique and traditional. This saree is apt to charm any formal or informal occasion. You can buy this georgette Chikankari Saree online from our website.

Made of pure georgette materials, this fine-looking Chikankari saree with the price too is displayed on our site. Mostly made of soothing to eyes pastel shades, these pure georgette chikan sarees are perfect for ladies who do not want to flaunt a loud or flashy demeanour yet still desire to display an artistic side of them.

Pink is a pretty color that looks flattering on any girl / lady / woman. This glamorous pink chikan saree is no doubt like a dream. The delicate and fresh-looking sarees are quite airy and the best wear for summer or hot days. The chikan embroidery embellishing the cotton, crepe or other related fabrics is quite traditional and unique.

The combination of attractive, feminist pink with white detailing embroidery work and geometric designs is the best. You will look as beautiful as a pink pansy when this saree is paired with a white blouse and pearl accessories to look as beautiful as a pink pansy. Further, apt for ethnic and occasional wear looks divine on tall and slim or medium women.

The mixture of chikan and other kinds of embroidery beautifying this light-colored and airy sarees magnifies the allure of this attire. The pleasing designs and patterns will make any women go ga-ga over sarees.

Matching a western-style blouse gives a modern twist to this saree. The light colors saree with traditional Lucknow embroidery can be draped by any woman. These sarees are ideal for wearing for parties if you like to carry a traditional look.

Looking for party wear in something traditional? Go for this smart, sexy and impressive party wear saree that will put you out there. The traditional yet modern designs finished with beautiful chikan work make this saree worth every penny.

You can choose any from the many colors and pair it with a low cut contrast color blouse to rock any party.

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