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Topic: How Has The Pandemic Re-Shaped The Future Of Our Workplaces?

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How Has The Pandemic Re-Shaped The Future Of Our Workplaces?

How Has The Pandemic Re-Shaped The Future Of Our Workplaces?


It’s hard to believe that it’s almost a year since many of us have worked in an office. The daily commute, chats at the coffee machine, brainstorms and face-to-face meetings – these all seem like distant memories, but perhaps not for too much longer.

With the success of the Covid vaccination program and a return to ‘normal’ life edging closer, businesses are starting to consider when they’ll go back to the office. Some say they never will, but most are planning for a hybrid future that features the office in some shape or form. Of course, it won’t be the office as we once knew it – there will be fewer people in it for a start and all manner of social-distancing measures to keep workers safe. But how else might it change to accommodate new ways of working?

Human Interaction

Despite early predictions of the office’s demise, there’s growing evidence that employees actually want to go back, at least for some of the week.  

According to global research from Steelcase, workers have felt isolated working from home – and connection to people and purpose is among their top reasons for wanting to return to the workplace. Employees, including my own team, have missed spontaneous, in-person interaction with their colleagues; the office is where they can reconnect, collaborate and share knowledge.

Once the ‘place where work gets done’, I believe that the office will re-emerge as a social hub - the glue that holds people together and builds and maintains morale, with fewer desks and more generous space for meetings and collaboration.

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