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Topic: Divorce in the US

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Divorce in the US

According to American law, every divorce is a legal matter. If you and your ex-spouse have no complaints about each other, then this process will not last long. If there are complaints, then people hire lawyers and try to pull the blanket over to their side. However, we can't advise resorting to the help of lawyers and starting long litigations: lawyers, like judges, will do everything so that the parties resolve their issues on their own. It is also possible to file for divorce without a lawyer or fill out your forms with if you are able to agree on divorce conditions. After a divorce, a spouse who earned less (or did not work) is entitled to alimony (not to be confused with payments for children). Alimony depends on the difference in wages and the time the couple spent in marriage. If a person who earned less or did not work decided to move to another country, this does not affect the amount and the availability of alimony. If you do not work, you can ask the court to force your spouse to pay your support while the divorce process is in progress. Moreover, the court has the right to oblige the wealthier of the couple to pay lawyers for both parties to the process. A person who will not live with children is obliged to pay alimony for them (approximately 17% of the required amount - for one child, 25% - for two children, but the exact ratio differs in each state). The financial situation of the spouses does not affect the custody decision of the court. The fate of the child is decided on the basis of the principle ofbest interest of the child”, that is, they act in the best interest of the child (if the parents cannot agree, the court may even force them to hire a separate lawyer for the child to impartially protect the child). However, in the US courts there is a rule: usually young children are left with their mother. They are given to the father only if the woman is completely unreliable. But if the child is older (12-14 years old), he can choose the main guardian himself.

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