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Topic: How does Facebook, Instagram, Twitter affect our body?

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How does Facebook, Instagram, Twitter affect our body?



Share knowledge about health, disease, illness How to เล่นสล็อต exercise Weight loss tips For good health Stay and eat delicious food for a long time. What social media do you currently use? Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? You may be able to play all three. Or maybe it plays something else, such as YouTube, Snapchat, Tumblr, video recording apps, chatting apps, dating apps, or more, that's why most people choose to step into the world of social media. Because it is a medium that is very popular in today's society And a source of various content Nana allows us to talk and read and enjoy instead of the long-established media such as television, newspaper and radio


But using social media a lot It can adversely affect our mental health without our knowledge. And each social media affects our health differently. And not equal


A compilation of data from British social media users ages 14-24 compared to their overall health in 2017 showed: Social media has a positive and negative impact on the body as follows:




Trouble sleeping

Facebook users have the most sleep problems. Followed by Instagram and Twitter users.




Problem Fear of Missing Out

Fear of Missing Out or anxiety about going out of flow According to the news, it was too short to be overly anxious, Instagram users were most affected, followed by Facebook and Twitter.




The problem of cyberbullying

Facebook users are most affected. Followed by Twitter and Instagram users.


Problem of lack of confidence in appearance

It's clear that platforms like photography-centric Instagram will get a big impact. This was followed by Facebook and Twitter users.

Anxiety problems

Instagram users are most affected Followed by Facebook and Twitter users.


Facebook users are most affected, followed by Instagram and Twitter.

However, although for the most part, Twitter users seem to be least affected by social media negativity, but Twitter users are the only people at risk of relationship problems with their peers in real life.

Social media users change for the better

Confidence in expression

Twitter and Instagram users are the groups most developed with self-confidence. This was followed by Facebook users.



Confidence in your own appearance

When it comes to expressing yourself clearly, Instagram is the most responsive platform for building self-confidence in your appearance, followed by Twitter and Facebook respectively.


Emotional support

It appears that the platform that helped to restrain before releasing violent emotions returned to Facebook, followed by Twitter and Instagram, which found less responses to violent emotions.


Creating a group of friends

If you want to use social media to find friends to chat and relax. Or share feelings with each other. Facebook is the most suitable platform, followed by Twitter and Instagram.


Perceptions of other people's health

Facebook is where users find the most about their health. This is even more beneficial for many health diagnoses, followed by Twitter and Instagram.


However, social media of all kinds affects relationships with those around you in real life. Taking a serious health consultation with a specialist And loneliness, loneliness and solitude And this raises the risk of mental health-related illnesses that can happen to people who are overly addicted to social media.


Use social media to benefit your body

As can be seen as above. Social media is not just a negative. But there are still some benefits to our mental health as well. So if we use social media the right way Will give us good sanity And can be happy both in the internet world And the world of real life


Definitely set the time to play social media. Should not be playing social media all day and night without being able to control yourself to quit playing. It's time to work, eat, or do activities that require concentration. Must be able to lay down from various electronic devices


Think twice before typing. Reduce the use of Hate Speech. Before typing, who should be mindful of future impacts such as our history? If the adults see it, what will the boss or HR see? Will the words we've typed destroy anyone's life? Etc.


Let go of getting attention from people we don't know. It is not necessary for us to get as many follows or lots of likes to make us happy. May we have the pleasure of spreading the words we read, it will be better for others to be happy.


Remember that we use social media to relieve stress. To be a hobby Social media shouldn't make us more stressful. If you start to feel that social media is causing you stress And not happy It's time for us to wave goodbye to it for a while.


Use social media for encouragement And spread happiness to others Rather than being used for the destruction of feelings. And other people's lives If it is a matter that requires legal judgment To move on in real life rather than punish each other in the social worldUse discretion in reading And follow the news well Don't be in a hurry, just pass the unreliable information immediatelyUse social media in the form

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