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Topic: What is the difference between gout vs rheumatoid?

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What is the difference between gout vs rheumatoid?





Gout and rheumatoid disease are the most common สล็อต arthritis in Thai people. Affect quite a lot of daily life Separating the two illnesses was not easy. Therefore, knowing the difference between gout and rheumatoid arthritis can help you cope and take care of yourself properly.


Rheumatoid disease

Dr. Surarat Thamronglak Internal Medicine, Rheumatology and Rheumatology Bangkok Hospital mentioned that rheumatoid disease Is a type of chronic arthritis With inflammation of the joint lining The lining of this joint will spread and eventually destroy the bones and joints. This disease is not only specific. There can also be other systemic symptoms, such as eyes, nerves, muscles, etc., and they can apply to all age groups, from children to old age. But most are found in patients with middle age. And it was found more in females than males


The cause of the disease is genetic, tooth decay, smoking, joint pain, swelling and difficulty moving the joints. Symptoms are most common during waking up in the morning and may last for 1-2 hours or all day. The location of the joint where pain is most often on the hands and feet. But there is a chance of joint pain in other positions In addition to the joint symptoms People with rheumatoid disease may have the following symptoms, such as weakness, low fever, loss of appetite, dry eyes, unusual dry throat. Found a lump under the skin Around the elbows and knuckles In patients receiving delayed treatment, permanent damage to the joint may occur. As a result can cause deformed joints


Early rheumatoid arthritis can be difficult to diagnose. As the disease progresses is slow. It is necessary for a medical professional to diagnose. At the same time, the treatment includes


Drug use


Rest and exercise


Preventing more joints from being destroyed


Surgery is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis in cases where the joint has been severely damaged.



Gout is also considered one of the arthritis. Found about 5 percent of all arthritis. In the united states It is found that there are approximately 2.4 million people with gout worldwide. An average of 300 gout cases are found per 100,000 people. Characteristics of gout are: Inflammation of the joints that occurs acute. Symptoms may persist for 5-10 days and then disappear, while some patients may develop chronic diseases. The inflammation of the joints is recurring and is becoming more severe.


The cause of gout is high levels of uric acid in the blood. It is a result of the accumulation of large amounts of uric acid in the body. On average, uric acid crystallizes when blood uric acid levels exceed 6.8 milligrams per deciliter. The body's uric acid build-up over a long period of time. This causes it to precipitate around the joints or within the joints, or disorders of uric acid, with slow excretion of purine from the body. Diagnose the disease by asking the doctor for a detailed history of symptoms. Check the level of uric acid in the blood. People with this disease often have higher than normal uric acid levels in their blood. Check the fluid in the test for uric acid crystals.





Treatment for gout today relies on three main principles:


Treat acute arthritis as quickly as possible, focusing on starting medication immediately.


Prevents joint inflammation from uric acid crystals.


Treat high uric acid in the blood And prevent joint and bone damage Should avoid causing high uric acid in the bloodstream, such as reducing obesity and reducing the high uric intake such as animal organ. Alcoholic beverages


Drink lots of water


Follow your doctor's advice. Take medications as prescribed by your doctor. And regularly see a doctor for regular examination


Differentiation of gout And rheumatoid disease

Gout and rheumatoid disease when compared to each other will find the following differences:


Gout is caused by the body accumulating too much uric acid (Uric Acid) and being unable to excrete excess uric acid. Therefore crystallized in the joints and organs Have pain in the lower part of the body In particular, the root of the big toe, toe, ankles, ankles and knees will have pain in the joints One does not occur at the same time, many joints have pain on one side. A bone button appeared on the joint. Can ache at any moment If the arthritis is severe and applying a hot compress, the inflammation will increase. In which the pain will be intermittent


While rheumatoid disease is caused by disorders of the immune system. That destroys and provokes inflammation of the tissues and bones around the joint. Cause pain in all areas of the body, whether it is knuckle, wrist, shoulder, ankle, ankle, knee, shoulder, elbow, and can pain in many joints at the same time. There will be most joint pain during waking hours. Cool weather And applying a cold compress will make the affected joints even more painful. And there will be more and more pain If not urgent to treat


However, if you have joint pain and are unable to perform normal activities such as gout or rheumatoid. You should observe yourself and come see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. So that the patient can return to life with the same quality as before

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