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Topic: 7 effective ways to reduce "migraine headaches"

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7 effective ways to reduce "migraine headaches"




In today's age, people live a life surrounded by worries and slot stressors in their lives, such as society, economy, work, COVID-19 and others. Both physically and mentally Until bringing about health problems And one of the most common diseases is Chronic headache Or as we generally know that migraines are often found in most working-age groups.

There are quite a few people who suffer from migraine headaches. In addition to disturbing and reducing work efficiency It also affects the daily life as well. Calculated in numbers, migraine can account for one of the three most common medical conditions in the world, in other words, in seven people, at least one person is diagnosed with migraine.


New options for treating migraine at the root cause

Migraine is a physical illness that can occur and is most common between the ages of 15-30 years, or in some cases it can be detected only after the age of 7-8 years, but the average age most commonly occurs is in adolescence to. Early working age And it was less common in the elderly aged over 60 years onwards, it was also found more patients in females than males.


Khetchai Sueawannasri, M.D., neurologist Bumrungrad International Hospital said that migraine has been a common disease for a hundred years. Until now, the cause of migraine has not been clearly identified. But most of the diagnostic tests will find that those who come to the doctor will have ongoing headaches. Or having more severe symptoms Therefore decided to get a diagnosis Usually according to the procedure, there will be a history check asking for various information. Both history of illness Family history Lifestyle, etc., which, if diagnosed, found that the patient had migraine The medical profession will provide treatment with drugs according to the symptoms. Overall, these symptoms can be classified into two main categories: Episodic Migraine and Chronic Migraine.


Treatment when known as "migraine"

Since the world is known about "migraine", the medical community has continuously diagnosed and treated patients. But as you generally know, there is no drug that can cure migraines. Medicines used to treat migraines are generally only used to control symptoms when symptoms flare up. The drug is divided into two types:


Acute Treatment for oral medication as soon as pain occurs. Which the drug will be effective when eaten quickly Because after this the patient will have nausea. Vomiting, which will make the drug less effective


Preventive or Prophylactic Treatment is a preventive oral medication that must be taken continuously every day. To reduce the severity or frequency of migraine attacks Which drugs of this type do not have to wait for symptoms to occur first Preventive medications are often recommended by doctors for migraine sufferers. Or in cases where the pain occurs for a long time, but when the symptoms exacerbate and become unable to lead a normal life


With advances in medicine Causing the present innovation to be developed “Anti-migraine drugs” are injectable biomolecular drugs. Which will be injected once a month It can also be injected for patients with chronic conditions (Chronic Migraine) and Episodic Migraine. The treating physician will determine the appropriate dosing according to the severity of each patient.


In most cases, doctors treat and prescribe medication according to the symptoms of each patient. The process of treating migraine patients will take more than 3 months of continuous treatment depending on the individual diagnosis.


In the person receiving the drug according to the doctor's recommended dose It was found that the headache symptoms improved and the frequency of symptoms decreased. This is considered a good thing that allows the patient to return to a normal life. And there are no dangerous side effects to worry about. However, acceptance of treatment is up to the patient's decision. Your doctor will recommend an appropriate treatment option. Along with ways to take care of yourself and encourage the patient Including education about triggers that cause relapses Which is important: environment, hormonal changes, stress, etc.


7 effective ways to reduce "migraine headaches"

Advise migraine patients to take care of themselves. And behave appropriately.


Eat a healthy diet

Exercise regularly

Get enough rest

Choose activities that relax your brain often. Don't be too stressed

Avoid direct sunlight. Or foods that provoke symptoms

Drink lots of fluids, as dehydration can also be a stimulating factor.

All risk factors that may be involved should be avoided. This may result in more frequent or severe migraines.

Migraine, though, is still one of the top-ranked physical illnesses. And at present, the substance that causes the disease has been found. And with the continuous evolution in medicine That gives good results in terms of performance Along with reducing side effects from drug use Migraine patients can seek professional advice for safety and appropriate treatment at hospitals and medical centers.

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7 effective ways to reduce

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RE: 7 effective ways to reduce "migraine headaches"


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