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How to Send PDF Attachments in iCloud and Email Client?


Do you use iCloud as an email service and would you like to understand how to send PDF documents as email attachments? Check below steps to know how to send PDF documents as email attachments:


1.      Connect to the service's home page via the Web browser you usually use to browse the Internet from your computer and log in to your iCloud account (if necessary).


2.      Once logged in, click on the button with the sheet and the pencil at the top right to start composing a new message and, in the new window that opens, fill in the ‘To’ field with the recipient's email address. The Object with the subject of the email and the field below with the body of the message.


3.      Then click on the paper clip icon at the top right and select the PDF saved on your computer that you want to attach to the email. Keep in mind that the maximum size for attachments is 20 MB (either individually or as a whole). If you need to send documents that have more weight, you will be asked if you want to use Mail Drop which uploads the files to iCloud and allows you to send documents with a maximum weight of 5 GB (either individually or as a whole).


4.      Once the upload procedure is complete, click on the Send item at the top right to send the message. Depending on the weight of the attachments, sending the email may not be immediate.


Sending PDF documents as Email Attachments When Using an Email client


For the management of electronic mail, you use an email client instead of a Web service and you are wondering how to send a PDF document as an attachment in this case? Nothing could be simpler! The operations you need to perform, regardless of the program you are using, are always the same.


1.      In fact, you just need to open the client, click on the button to start composing a new message, type the recipient's email address, the subject and the message field in the appropriate fields and click on the button to insert attachments.


2.      Then select the PDF document of reference from the computer and press the button to send the message (usually it is the one with the word Send or with the envelope for the letters). Consider that the time required for the message to be sent could be longer than usual since, in fact, there is an attachment.


3.      In addition to the way we told you earlier, you can select the PDF file to attach to emails also via the context menu. On Windows, then, you just need to right-click on the document, choose the item Send to and that Mail Recipient (to open the mail client set as default) or the one related to the name of the mail management program that you usually use.


4.      On macOS, instead, right-click on the PDF, select the item Share from the contextual menu that opens and, subsequently, that Mail or click on the name of the program for the management of the emails that generally use on the computer.


The maximum size allowed for attachments, the limitations imposed by the provider for the reference e-mail must be taken into account. As an example, if you have an Outlook account configured in the PC client, you can send PDFs with a maximum size of 25MB, similar to what is done using the WebMail service.


Do you want to know how to send PDF documents as email attachments while using iCloud and Email Client, then take a look at the steps provided in the tutorial that explains the same.

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