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Topic: Obligatory Relocation Steps for Moving During Pandemic

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Obligatory Relocation Steps for Moving During Pandemic

We understand that some moves can't wait till the pandemic ends. The situation of move is more essential then avoiding the outer world. We can't sit ideal and stop everything till the pandemic disappear we have to step out today or tomorrow but with the precautions, that precautions apply everywhere the range can vary according to the different situations, but don't worry here are some obligatory steps you must follow to keep your family safe and healthy from Packers and Movers In Bangalore.

Obligatory Relocation Steps for Moving During Pandemic

1. Ask what your moving company strategy for mitigating coronavirus on their team.

Planning to hire a moving compnay for handling your move, then make sure you are hiring for good, means you are not inviting more risks? We know this spread through close contact with the affected person, so ask what are Movers criteria for avoiding such what kind of PPE they wear, if they any. And what are their preventive policies for protecting their team and customers.

2. Gloves, masks and proper PPE are the priority.

Whether you are hiring Movers or doing a self relocation don't forget this three things- PPE, gloves and masks. This will keep you protected from the outside thread. Also don't forget to maintain the required distance between you and movers. Packers and Movers Bangalore help in all kind of moving- household, vehicle, office, domestic, international extra.

3. Keep in hand- sanitizers and hand wash.

Before anyone touch your door knob their hands should be sanitized and disinfected. So keep the sanitizer on the entrance and at the basin and kitchen sink area, also ask anyone to disinfect their hands before entering the home you can keep the board outside the home, for an example you can take a simple board and write here is your sanitizer and hang it at the door just like a sign board of to let for a example ya go for such idea.

4. Ask for virtual survey:

Booking movers without any survey is a bad idea but inviting people in your house is more than that, so what to do? Nothing just ask your Packers And Movers Bangalore to Chandigarh for virtual survey ya in this social distancing era movers are proving this facility for your home virtual survey call Local Packers and Movers Bangalore. It's simple ask your Movers what platform they use for video call if there is any particular app then download it, otherwise if there is any option then record your home video like the goods you wanna relocate major and huge items, any narrow doorway or stairs or edgy turns like anything you wanna bring to the Movers concern for an easy and effective relocation.




5. Don't borrow anything from outsiders:

Free option doesn't free at all, the risk involve behind is huge. So if you were thinking for buying some cardboard boxes from your friend or relative then don't think about it, you don't know who and how many people have touched that used moving boxes.

6. Disinfect your moving truck:

If you are going for renting a moving truck then before you load your goods disinfect its surface. You can also ask the rental company when you cleaned this truck and can they wash it before the pick up. #Packers and #Movers for mitigating the risk of spread of coronavirus do a thorough cleaning of their truck after the assignment.

7. Disinfect your home before you unpack:

Once movers unload your goods and leave your home or you done all the unloading clean the high touch surfaces, first wear your gloves take a disinfecting spray and start wiping your moving boxes, door knobs, light switches, window knobs or anything Packers And Movers Bangalore to Noida which was prior touch by anyone in a normal routine. If possible do a deep clean before you unpack and arrange your goods. Read #Packers and #Movers guide before you move in this pandemic for more help.

8. Greet your new neighbours in this way:

When you are going for meeting your new neighbour keep in mind about social distancing, just say hello, introduce yourself and avoid giving any gift till you complete 14 days quarantine period. People moving to different states are asked for 14 day stay in home, so you might also have to follow that condition which is best for you and others residing near you.

9. Delay your move if you are unwell:

If you are not feeling good and having symptoms of coronavirus then it's best to not to risk yourself, your family and others, even if you are not affected by coronavirus your body is already weak so it's best to avoid such long travel and take rest until you feel well and keep distance for 14 days with your family, i mean isolate yourself that will the #best for all.

Moving soon guys? Don't worry keep yourself and your family secure by hiring professionals Movers and Packers in Bangalore, they have required PPE, have system of checking customer as well as employee temperature before they go or begin he work, so to avoid the risk on themselves and on their customer.

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