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Topic: One more thing, this work does not require a huge amount of money.

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One more thing, this work does not require a huge amount of money.

Shilpa Goyal, who does the packaging of organic products, says, "First I did the packing of Diwali gifts with a friend, which was appreciated by friends and proved to be the turning point of my life. That's where I got the idea and I Engaged in packaging work. I started doing organic soaps and packaging. It's been almost two years since I did this. Diwali, I prepare different packing for Holi or other family events. It decorates the organic products in an attractive way so that both the giver and the recipient get satisfaction. It feels good when people appreciate my work We do. "

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Earning from school craft

Nikki Gupta from Delhi says, "Art and craft was my hobby, which I have made my profession. Today I am doing this work at a very good level. I have many parents and students who love my work It gives me more courage to move forward. Even though the packaging work is seasonal, the work of art and craft never diminishes. The kids at school have some pro Jects continue to be found. I continue to do children's projects and card making. Charges also vary according to the project. "

Special attention to packaging

Kavita Nagpal has a cake, biscuits and chocolate business in Delhi. Kavita says, "There was a time when there was not anything to show off. But what is seen today is the trend of selling. Whatever the gift is, if it is packaged beautifully, then the gift is worth it." It grows even more. I have realized this while doing cookies business. It has been 8-10 years since I have done this work.

Such packaging is the most popular

Earlier I did not pay much attention to packing, but now it is not so. Chocolates, cookies, cakes, etc. are more preferred among people. They are packed in boxes, baskets, transparent bags of paper to make them look beautiful so that people are attracted to it. If someone wants to gift cookies etc., they first see the packing. So I try to always do something new. Biscuits, snacks, cold drinks, etc. are very beautifully packed instead of sweets are given to the guests coming to the wedding.

Don't want a big setup

No major setup is required for packaging work. Gift packing is done at home or in a small place because only small items are needed for this work. With this, you also need to be updated according to the changing trends, so that people can give something new every time. One more thing, this work does not require a huge amount of money. It needs ten to fifteen thousand to start on a small scale. As your work progresses, you can expand it accordingly.

This skill is needed to do packaging work

If you know the work of not only gifts, craft making, then you can do the work of making models for children's craftwork or other projects. Most of the parents give this work to such people, who take the money and make crafts etc. If this skill is inside you, then you can make it a source of income. Income in gift packaging will depend on your orders. The more orders you get from the market, the higher the

There can be so much money in a month

If the work is done on a large scale, from fifteen to twenty thousand rupees can be earned. You can use your website or social media for gift packing and promotion of art and craft. In this, you will have to upload photos of items and items of various types of projects, decorated with gift packing. Only then more and more people will be able to reach yo

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