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Topic: people have started packing goods for weddings or other small events.

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people have started packing goods for weddings or other small events.

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Birthday, wedding, omen, anniversary, homestay or another family event. The gift makes every occasion special. And what makes the gift beautiful is its packaging. The goods are small or big. Precious or simple, but its packaging should be attractive. The matter is here to be seen. If the packaging of the gift is good, then attention is paid to everyone. Earlier people did not put much emphasis on packaging, but now people's thinking has changed. Some people have even started getting customized packaging. Even in small towns, people have started packing goods for weddings or other small events.

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The trend of gift packing is increasing

Even though today's lifestyle has become busier. People are not able to give time to each other, but there is no lack of courtesy among them. At least in the context that they do not forget to 'wish' each other on different occasions, as well as to give any gift to their friends or relatives. The changed mindsets for the packing of gifts have started a new concept of gift packing in the market. With this thinking, a new path is open for those women who want to earn something from their creativity sitting at home. Not only a hobby, but gift-packing has also become a source of income for them to showcase their talent.

Changing the way things are presented

Neha Jain from Mumbai says, "Whatever the accessories, the packaging enhances its beauty. Just as a good decoration makes food even more amazing, just like any gift, its packaging is special." People. Today people are starting to understand this. The way to present anything is changing now. In comparison to earlier, only bright paper used to pack gifts, whereas today laces, flowers, baskets, In addition to colorful ribbons, bright colored clothes, with the help of crystals and flower leaves, the gift is being given a beautiful style.

Neha said, 'When I started this work, I did not get many benefits, but as people came to know about my creativity, my gift packing also became famous. Today I also pack return gifts for weddings, different events and children's birthdays. I am also enjoying this work. I always keep getting new information related to packaging from the internet or YouTube. This keeps you informed about changing trends.

How to earn from creativity

 Kajal of New Delhi Shahdara is also doing gift packing along with studies. She says, "Engagement or marriage. Both the bride and groom give each other something. So everyone wants their gifts to look attractive. That's why this job becomes a profession today Is going. The demand for gift packers in the market is increasing. I have been involved with this job a few months ago. Packing of dry fruits cans, packing of baskets, as well as festivals, birthday cards. Also set to go. That I would do anything for money, I just hang in front of people your creativity, as well as his. "



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