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Topic: Credibility – A Major Part of Education Sector

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Credibility – A Major Part of Education Sector

There is a need to understand that credibility is an aspect that is missing from the education sector. Numerous students are of the view that higher education is nothing less than a nightmare and they tend to get worried as to how they will reach the destination that they have set for themselves. It would not be wrong to state here that now the education sector government in the UK has decided that there is a need for credibility to be made part of the public universities and higher education by having improved quality and emphasise on the value.

One of the major issues that have been eating up the management of various universities is the plagiarism issue. This is a rampant issue which needs to be brought under control. Students tend to carry out their homework by referring to essay writing services for some assistance or guidance. Students must understand that any form of plagiarism is not acceptable in any academic institution. This can lead to suspension or even rustication from the university. This is where credibility has to be made part of the education sector. The professors must ensure they are making students understand the need for being credible.

Apart from plagiarism, academic institutions are also facing the issue of bullying. Several cases are reported of bullying and nothing is being done about it. Bullying is an issue that if not resolved immediately and in an efficient manner, it can lead to issues in the academic life of the students. Not every student has the capability to deal with the pressure of bullying and even give top performance in their academics. The educational sector needs to have credibility in various aspects of its operations. This would help them in running effective academic institutions.

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