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Topic: FB090F Flange Wrapped Bronze Bushing Sliding Bearing Manufacturers

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FB090F Flange Wrapped Bronze Bushing Sliding Bearing Manufacturers

What technology is embedded steel jacket
FB090F Flange Wrapped Bronze bushing embedded technology is a new laying of new technology is a major breakthrough Buried steel jacket art, this technology is suitable for use in high water table areas.

1 It is waterproof, leakproof, impermeability, compression and fully enclosed technical advantages. Buried insulating pipe steel jacket has three layers: the transmission medium pipe, from the anti-corrosion and steel jacket supporting role, as well as ultra-fine glass wool filling transport between pipe and the jacket pipe, of which the filler may be graphite, silicic watt bulb or polyurethane foam.

2 steel jacket prefabricated buried steam pipe insulation for conveying 2.6mpa, 360 degrees sae 660 bronze bushing steam or other high temperature media, because of its protective outer layer is made of steel structure, not only high strength, simple construction maintenance, easy to damage and longer service life.

3 reliability issues to prevent groundwater infiltration is the most important issue facing the pipe buried underground, in addition, excellent mechanical strength is buried pipeline can not be ignored. Buried steel jacket pipe insulation due to the outer supporting welded steel pipe are connected, so its performance is excellent closed, and the outer sheath of steel pipe steel jacket sturdiness guarantee the normal operation of the pipeline buried in areas with high groundwater level.

Usage: 4 steam pipe insulation is widely used in liquid, gas pipeline network, pipe insulation chemical engineering, petroleum, chemical, centralized heating network, central air conditioning and ventilation pipes, municipal engineering. Steel jacket pipe insulation insulation structure based on a sliding manner divided into: the inner and the outer sliding sliding 1, within the sliding type: insulation structure by the work of steel, aluminum silicate, drag-reducing layer, microporous calcium silicate insulation stainless steel fastening strip, aluminum foil reflective layer, polyurethane insulation layer, coat steel pipe, external coating composition. 2, the outer sliding: insulation structure by the work of steel, glass wool insulation layer, aluminum foil reflective layer, stainless steel fastening strip, sliding guide bracket, air insulation layer, the outer protective pipe, external coating composition. 1. coating: protective outer steel to avoid corrosion steel corrosion and prolong the service life of steel. 2. The outer jacket pipe: groundwater protection insulation layer from erosion, supporting the work of the tube and can withstand external loads, pipe work to ensure normal operation. 3. The polyurethane foam layer: to ensure that the medium temperature to ensure that the outer surface of the protective tube maintained at room temperature. 4. The barrier, reflective layer: to ensure that organic foam material does not enter the hard refractory inorganic layer; the reflective layer of high temperature part of the heat. 5. inorganic rigid insulation layer: high temperature, to ensure that the temperature of the interface between the organic insulation layer to ensure that the foam will not be carbonized. 6. drag reduction layer: to ensure the free movement of expansion and contraction of pipe work. 7. sliding bearing work: to ensure the normal flow of the transmission medium.

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