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Topic: Guide To Play Handicap Betting Easy Win in Football

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Guide To Play Handicap Betting Easy Win in Football

Handicap betting is a popular type of bet in football betting, and it's placed while a match is in progress. To win handicap bets, you need a clear strategy.
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What Is Handicap Betting?
Handicap betting, often referred to as 'rung,' is a commonly used bet in most live football matches. However, many individuals are still unfamiliar with this type of bet and how to place it. Don't worry; we'll guide you on how to understand and employ the most accurate strategies for handicap betting today.
Introduction to Handicap Betting:
"What is handicap betting?" is a question that many people ask when they start participating in sports betting. This type of bet is prevalent in most live football matches provided by bookmakers. However, it only applies for a short duration during the match, so if you don't place your bet in time, you might miss out on this opportunity.
When Does Handicap Betting Begin?
In handicap betting for football, this type of bet is counted from the moment the match starts until it concludes. Therefore, you should carefully observe and seize the opportunity to place your bets.
First, you should find reputable bookmakers and learn about the odds they offer. Each bookmaker will provide different odds. Since handicap bets are highly volatile, some bookmakers might reject your bets. However, you need to determine your advantage and participate in betting promptly.
You'll have only 5 to 10 seconds to place your bet, so quick action is essential. The advantage of this type of bet is that bookmakers often provide a fast betting window.
Sharing Strategies for Winning Handicap Bets:
Understand How to Read Betting Odds and Handicap Rules:
To participate in handicap betting smoothly, you should learn how to read the odds table. Afterward, place your bets and compare them with the match odds. If you've read our article on winning football bets, you should already understand how to evaluate the odds.
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Use Specific Strategies for Different Types of Handicap Bets:
Handicap betting comes in various forms, allowing you to participate and win in different ways.
Handicap Over/Under Betting: You start with a lower handicap and bet on the number of goals scored in the first half, where the number of goals is either less than 1 or more than 2.
Handicap Corner Betting: You place your bet on the left corner in the first half of the match. If there's a left corner kick within the first 8 minutes, you start betting again. If there are no left corner kicks in the first 8 minutes, you decrease your bet.
Asian Handicap Betting: This type of bet allows you to limit your handicap odds based on the attacking situation. It's also an ideal time to place bets on both teams or during the second half.
Select the Right Matches for Handicap Betting:
One of the strategies to ensure easy wins in handicap betting is to choose major tournaments. These tournaments provide more related information, making it easier for you to make informed decisions.
Additionally, avoid friendly matches, as they often have unpredictable results and scores that are difficult to predict.
When Is the Ideal Time to Place Handicap Bets?
Handicap betting is counted from the moment the ball is kicked off. However, there are specific guidelines for choosing the right time to place your bets:
In the first 10-15 minutes of the first half: During this time, you can make initial assessments of the field conditions and the performance of both teams.
In the middle of the second half: This is the right time to make well-informed predictions. You can start betting around the 60th minute of the match or when the odds have shifted in your favor. You'll have better chances of winning by then.
Limit the Number of Handicap Bets Per Day:
Many people are attracted to handicap bets because they offer attractive rewards. However, it's advisable to limit yourself to placing only 2-3 handicap bets per day. This ensures that you maintain financial stability and have enough time to analyze and make accurate predictions.
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With the information provided, you should now have a better understanding of what handicap betting is and how to employ winning strategies for these bets. Don't forget to apply these strategies wisely and enjoy your success in handicap betting

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