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Topic: "Tick bites" may be allergic to the skin.

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"Tick bites" may be allergic to the skin.


“เห็บกัด” อันตราย อาจแพ้ที่ผิวหนังได้




Tick ​​bites on people can cause allergic reactions on the skin. Ticks are often found in pets such as dogs and cats, which are the cause of many diseases. Ready to suggest methods of prevention and proper treatment

The danger of ticks

Dr. Somsak Akasilp, Director-General of the Department of Medical Affairs revealed that ticks are blood-eating animals. Breed quickly   ติดตั้งสล็อต xo  Female ticks, if fully sucked, expand 4-5 times the size or the size of the little finger. Most of the ticks live with pets such as dogs, cats, where these pets are close to people. So people have a chance of being bitten by ticks. But not life threatening But with a pet, if it is bitten a lot of ticks can cause the pets to die.


Ticks can bite humans and are dangerous to the skin

Ms. Minkwan Wichaidit, director of the Institute of Dermatology, Department of Medical Affairs added that tick bites can cause severe skin allergies. Without proper treatment, complications can lead to purulent abscesses and infection in the bloodstream. Ticks like to live in tight spaces. Or damp areas


How to prevent ticks in your home

Director of the Institute of Dermatology Gave further advice that Protection method By eliminating the nest source is treating dogs with ticks Bathe and maintain the cleanliness of the pet regularly. Maintain the cleanliness of living quarters and clothing. Correct treatment is if there is an allergic reaction to the skin. To hurry to see a doctor immediately And eliminating the source of disease is the best way to eliminate the root cause

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